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Right now I'm into keto/low carb cooking. Eating this way seems like it has to be a life style choice.

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Asian Style Egg Drop Tomato Soup Keto/Low Carb

What's up everybody. Today we are making something simple, really easy, and delicious. Asian style tomato egg drop soup. It's delicious for these cold days where we have to stay in. Just four main ingredients. Eggs, tomato, onions, and mushrooms.

Ingredients List 3 large eggs 1 tomato (chopped into cubes) 1/2 red onions (thinly sliced) 4 oz portabella mushrooms (pre-sliced in packaging) 16 oz chicken broth in a can 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp sesame seed oil pinch of salt pinch of white pepper pinch of garlic powder 1 to 2 tbsp fish sauce Directions Heat up a medium/small size pot. Add in our butter and sesame seed oil. Saute and caramelize our onions. When onions are nice and tender add in tomatoes. Mix together then add in our mushrooms. Add in a pinch each of salt, white pepper, and garlic powder. Mix together thoroughly and add in chicken broth. Add in fish sauce to make it a little bit saltier. Add to your taste. In a mixing bowl, whisk our eggs together. Then, pour eggs into our soup. Swirling the broth around while pouring the eggs in.

That's it. Simple. Quick. Delicious. Enjoy. And, you're welcome.

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